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Terms and conditions

1. Visual Edge starts working on a project after receiving an advance payment. Unless specified otherwise in writing, the customer is billed on completion of the project. Websites are launched live to complete the project, when all payments are made.

2. Additional services come with additional fees, a fee based on the services performed or an hourly rate. If customers need additional services a tax invoice will be added for the services performed.

3. Delays in project completion can occur when:

  • There is a delay in payment.
  • Customers require changes in the design, structure or content of the project, other than those stipulated in the contract.
  • Customer purchases an additional service in connection with the project.
  • There is a delay in receiving any material from the customer.
  • Time estimates are approximate and can be modified at any time by Visual Edge agency.
  • At any time, if unforeseen circumstances arise Visual Edge company reserves the right to decide to put a project on hold

4. All our services are guaranteed a high quality level. We do not stop working until our clients are fully satisfied with their project. That is our commitment. However,

isual Edge will not be held responsible under any circumstances to meet unreasonable expectations and certain additional requests if the contractual arrangement derives also if other third party entity intervenes.
As an example, if the customer buys a particular service, but to be fully satisfied, Visual Edge judge that an additional service is required, then that isn’t the responsibility of Visual Edge agency to provide the quality promised anymore. In other words, the services offered by Visual Edge are guaranteed to be of a high quality level, in the original agreement with the client.

5. Services or part of the services (for example elements of a project) that were approved by the client are considered services the customer is 100% satisfied with. Any further work on these services (elements) will be invoiced accordingly.

6. Unless otherwise specified clearly, all projects statuses are set to “finished” after a period of three months from the date of the first payment. This does not apply to hosting and domain registration, these will supplied independently of the project.

7. If the customer is not satisfied with the services, he may require Visual Edge parting, this leads to the interruption of the contract. The advance provided by the client will not be returned by the Visual Edge agency, this being considered the payment offered for the work done by the time the contract was interrupted, also all work on the project made until the project termination will remain the property of Visual Edge.

Projects and Visual Edge website

Some images on this site are representative only.

Visual Edge assumes no responsibility or liability for the content of websites they design and / or does maintenance for.

Visual Edge has no control over any information, materials found in these products.

Visual Edge does not serve as a consultant for their clients, and they are entirely responsible for what is found in their websites.

Because of the nature of web design and programming work, websites always appear different on different computers. The screen resolution, operating system and navigation software are examples of variables that can affect how a website appears. The customer should be aware of these possible variations and Visual Edge will not be responsible for them.

If you have any questions or concerns about these terms and conditions, please send us an email to [email protected]

To receive a free quote for your project, please contact us by mail at [email protected], by phone at + 40-740-950-169 or ask us an offer on the contact page.

Thank you for working with us!